Where are my coffee lovers?

Hey! If you know me, you know that I run on a steady flow of coffee!  I have discovered something new that makes coffee at home just as heavenly as visiting my favorite coffee shops (don’t worry, I will still be visiting my favorites as well!)


Let me introduce you to Keto Kreme!!!


My first experience with Keto Kreme I blended a packet with regular drip coffee and viola, a cup of frothy latte like goodness! Yummy!

keto latte

Can your coffee creamer do this?!:

keto kreme.jpg

Want to give it a try without having to buy a whole month supply?  5 day samples available for purchase here!!!

Raise of hands….who is all about pumpkin spice EVERYTHING????

Let me tell you, I am so excited about this recipe right here:

PSL .png

I will be honest and say I don’t do anything with artificial sweeteners, so my syrup will be full sugar, or homemade.  Use whatever works for you!  Pumpkin Spice Heaven right from your own kitchen!


Happy Coffee Drinking!!!